Atlanta is one of the most impressive cities in the country, offering work, technology, fun, and so much more, all packed into one beautiful city. Unfortunately, city living can get draining, so it's important to get away and have some fun here or there.  

If you live in Atlanta and want to get away, these are the top day trips to consider!

1. Exploring Stone Mountain Park

Half an hour outside of city limits is Stone Mountain Park! This gorgeous park is Georgia’s most-visited attraction and gives you the opportunity to have fun and explore nature. Stone mountain is the largest granite formation in the world, and carved into it are historical figures that much of the south prizes, despite the rough legacy they left behind.  

Stone Mountain is also an amusement park! Here you can enjoy fun rides, a rope course, and a four-story barn space, as well as overnight accommodation if you want your stay to stretch a little longer.

2. Visit Beautiful Savannah

Savannah has been rated one of the most beautiful cities in the nation time after time, and many stand by this opinion to this day. When you visit and drive beneath the sweeping branches of trees and gorgeous scenery, you'll feel ensnared by the charm and beautiful aesthetics of the area.

Savannah has been a hub for art and culture over the last hundred years and is now home to multiple art schools and countless fun stops. Although houses here are most expensive than Atlanta houses for sale, visiting is worth the expense! 

3. Have Fun in Athens

Athens is one of the best places to go for live music, festivals, and awesome shopping! This city feels like its own version of Nashville or Austin, giving artists a place to stop and sing or perform their hearts out.  

Athens is also great for history buffs, with numerous museums and interesting stops that will keep you intrigued during your visit! This is a great area to fall in love with, so don't be surprised when you want to move here.

How to Pack for a Local Day Trip

Although a day trip is less of an expense and uses far less time than a classic traveling vacation: it's still something you need to plan thoroughly for. Regardless of the time of year, if you're going to be within a couple of hours of Atlanta, it's a good idea to bring sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, and some snacks for the road.

If you’re traveling in the warmer months, consider bringing things like bug repellant and a good change of clothing in case it gets muggy and you need to change after a day of hiking or having other outdoor fun!  

Atlanta Is a Center Point for Fun!

Whether you're new to the city or you've lived here for decades, it's fun to explore the surrounding area and get to know Georgia! Have fun driving through these various areas, and you'll never want to spend another weekend at home.